Managing Partner


Manuel Saavedra

Manuel Saavedra started in 1987, as logistics manager in Expresso Comercial in Spain. In 1989 he moved to CONTINENTE, Distribution Company with 42 shopping centers in Spain, where he worked in different positions -internal consultant, product manager and regional financial controller- before he became Asset Management Director, responsible for CONTINENTES’s Spanish shopping centers. In 2001 he was asked by NEINVER to work in the inception of its internal management company, which led the development of NEINVER’S European retail outlets network.

Manuel has developed 11 outlets in 6 countries, 5 of which being start-ups, and managed NEINVER’S portfolio, composed of 14 outlets, 3 retail parks, 1 big shopping center, 20 warehouses and an office building, totals 1,600 commercial units and gathers 500 different brands in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Poland. The portfolio has an asset value of € 2 Bln., and generates rents of € 120 Mln.